Projeebeyaz helps you coordinate and manage every stage of your project with its strong staff. In the project management process, it enables you to complete your project with low risk rate and high quality.

Services We Provide Within the Scope of Project Consultancy

  •  Preparation of Feasibility Report
    • Preliminary Project Preparation
    • Finance and Budgeting Consultancy
    • Sales, Rental and Management Activities
    • Corporate Identity Studies and PR Support
    • Promotion and Launch Organizations
    • Facility Management

Thanks to our expert staff who closely follow the structure and legal features of the real estate sector, we direct the investment momentum of your real estate.

We provide fast and result oriented services by interpreting both rental and purchase options with legal, technical and physical data.

Thanks to our international product and service network, we detail any real estate in any part of the world in line with the demands and requests of our customers and present it to them. With our domestic and international offices, we provide real estate sales and marketing consultancy, including investment incentives and bureaucratic transactions, to domestic and foreign customers who want to invest in Turkey and in the world.

We provide brand consultancy services in terms of performance enhancement, for products or institutions that want to play an active role in a globalizing world and in a competitive environment.

In this direction, our aim is to prepare the ground for the infrastructure of the right sales and marketing values by creating an interaction between the customer and the market relations and as a result, to create the brand perception on the business plan we have determined.

Although your company offers the highest quality services or products on the market, if you do not have an experienced marketing strategy, you will not be able to achieve sufficient sales volume from these services and products. Projeebeyaz presents its marketing strategies to developed or developing companies within the framework of intense empathy and sectoral data thanks to its strong management team and experts.

We provide tenant relations, budgeting, technical operation, supply management, contract management and quality control services to help our clients’ property and financial management.