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Launched in 2006, Projebeyaz has transformed the phenomenon of “innovation” into its basic principle with its young and dynamic structure. Projebeyaz, which completely changed the understanding of classical real estate consultancy, has made a name for itself as “the company that gives color to the sector” by adding new products and services.

Projebeyaz has carried out projects exceeding 1,5 million square meters and reaching 2 billion dollars in value so far. The company served in 30 different projects under the titles of concept consultancy, marketing, sales, leasing and post-sale facility management.

Projebeyaz’s customers consist of land and property owners, investors, real estate purchasing firms, rental and construction companies. The company also has cooperation with the pioneers of the architecture and design sectors.

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In the 14-year success story of Projebeyaz, we offer 360° solutions in the real estate area with our offices and employees located in different countries where we have established many partners and friends.

Projebeyaz, which has many successes from domestic and abroad real estate sales to project management, calls on you to meet with its professional service standards.

Providing professional services in all the processes it offers, Projebeyaz produces effective solutions with its 14 years of domestic and international experience.


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