Houses and the Structures of Houses in Turkey are well-known

Houses and the Structures of Houses in Turkey are well-known

1- Mardin Houses

Mardin Houses attract the attention of many people with their different images. They are made of stone, and this stone is easy to process. Although these houses consist of a particular image likewise stacked on top of each other, they do not block each other’s view. The city has a unique image because of these features.

2-Bodrum Houses

Bodrum, one of the frequently visited resorts of the Aegean Region, is engraved in many people’s minds with its white houses and the blue windows and doors of these houses. These houses have been painted white to prevent the places from heating up more due to the intense temperatures. The windows and doors are blue because of their beauty, as well as to protect the houses from scorpions found in such areas. Because scorpions perceive blue as the color of fire, they cannot approach these houses.

3- Amasya Houses

Amasya houses are specially established on the edge of Yesilirmak. They are arranged side by side, adjacent, and have one or two floors above the basement. They are also built on the historical fortification wall. These houses usually have a garden and a courtyard. Thus, they carry all the characteristics of an Ottoman house in their design.

4-Balat Houses

Balat is one of Istanbul’s most culturally and architecturally protected districts due to its colorful houses and nostalgic streets. The places located here are usually three-story with bay window-type ledges on the second and third floors.

5- Cappadocia Houses

Cappadocia Houses were built by carving them into fairy chimneys caused by the erosion of rocks by rainwater and winds. Nowadays, these houses are still used in the tourism sector as hotels. The stone, which is the only architectural material of the region, can be easily processed because it is soft when it comes out of the January caused by the volcanic structure of the region. Still, it turns into a durable building material because it hardens after contact with air. For this reason, stonework has developed in this region and has become an architectural tradition.

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